On 29th March, we were thrilled to host a tasting event at our Khader Nawaz Khan Road branch. ‘Brews and Bakes’ was a specially curated tasting in which guests had the opportunity to sample various kinds of coffees alongside a range of artisanal breads.

Beachville's founder Divya, says that the idea behind the event was to make the traditional specialty coffee tasting more accessible, joyful and less theoretical. Conventionally, specialty coffee tastings are mostly attended by customers who are already deeply immersed in coffee brewing, or are coffee geeks themselves! Whereas, placing coffee within a more everyday context, by pairing it with breads, allows for a more vibrant and accessible experience.

The artisanal breads which paired beautifully with the brews were supplied by Chef Gokul of Hygge. Gokul's mastery with the art of bread making was on full display at the event, with the offerings ranging from sourdough, to flaky croissants, to sweet milk bread. The event began with a sourdough bread paired with our single-origin Nachammai pourover, and was designed to journey through myriad flavour profiles, and finish on a sweet-note featuring Banana Chocolate Bread.

Guests also had the opportunity to taste a mixture of black and milk coffees (served both hot and cold), thus exposing them to the multiple possibilities that exist while brewing.

The event inspired a lot of curiosity among guests who wanted to learn more about the estate that each coffee came from, how it is sourced, and tasting notes of each brew, which was very heartening for us.

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